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It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of grain, oil and feed machinery and fer-
tilizer machinery and new energy machinery.

Major Function

Rotary Screener is used to screen and size the mash feed or pellet feed in feed mill, and also preclean the raw materials in feed mill and size the intermediate products after second grinding in large-and-medium sized feed mill. Additionally, they can be widely used to screen and size the raw materials and finished products in the industries of grain, food, chemicals, sugar making, mining, papermaking, etc.

Application Area

Sifting equipment works to separate different particle sizes by using a vibrating or rotating motion to move the material through a screen or mesh. The screen or mesh has openings that are designed to allow smaller particles to pass through while retaining larger particles. The size of the openings in the screen or mesh will determine the size of the particles that are separated.
In a vibrating sifter, the material is fed into the top of the sifting equipment, and then it is vibrated or shaken by a vibratory motion. The vibration causes the material to move through the screen or mesh, separating the particles based on size. The smaller particles fall through the openings in the screen or mesh, while the larger particles are retained on top.
In a rotating sifter, the material is fed into the sifting equipment, and then it is rotated by a motor or other mechanical means. The rotating motion causes the material to move through the screen or mesh, separating the particles based on size. The smaller particles fall through the openings in the screen or mesh and are collected in a separate container, while the larger particles are retained in the sifting equipment.
Sifting equipment is commonly used in the processing of powders and granules in a variety of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and minerals processing. The choice of sifting equipment will depend on the specific requirements of the application, including the type and particle size distribution of the material being processed, the desired final particle size, and the desired production rate.

Unshaken Pursuit of Perfection

Liyang Yuda Machinery Co.,Ltd is China Sifting Equipment Suppliers and Sifting Equipment Manufacturers.The company has introduced a complete set of world-class technology CNC laser cutting machines, automatic profile sandblasting equipment, automatic welding machines, large-scale shearing and bending equipment, CNC lathes, etc. Undertake various types and scales of complete turnkey projects for feed, including complete plant planning, design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and personnel training.
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Industry knowledge

What is the purpose of sifting equipment?

Here are some common purposes of sifting equipment:
Particle Size Classification: Sifting equipment allows the separation of materials into different size fractions. By passing the mixture through screens or meshes with different-sized openings, particles of varying sizes can be sorted into different categories. This is commonly used in industries such as mining, construction, pharmaceuticals, and food processing to ensure that materials meet desired size specifications.
Removal of Impurities: Sifting equipment is often employed to remove unwanted impurities or foreign objects from a material. This is crucial in industries like agriculture and food processing, where contaminants, such as stones, sticks, or debris, need to be eliminated from grains, powders, or other products to ensure quality and safety.
Product Grading: Sifting equipment is used to grade materials based on their size or composition. By separating particles into different size ranges, manufacturers can ensure consistency in product quality and meet specific requirements for different applications. For example, in the mining industry, sifting equipment is used to separate minerals into various grades based on their size or purity.
Quality Control: Sifting equipment plays a vital role in quality control processes by ensuring that products meet predefined standards. By sieving materials, manufacturers can assess the uniformity of particle size distribution, identify deviations, and take corrective actions to maintain consistent product quality.
Material Recovery and Recycling: Sifting equipment is utilized in recycling processes to separate and classify different materials for efficient recycling. It helps in segregating recyclables based on size, shape, or composition, allowing for effective sorting and recovery of valuable resources.

What industries or applications commonly use sifting equipment?

Sifting equipment, also known as screening equipment, is used in various industries and applications that involve the separation or classification of materials based on their size or composition. Here are some industries and applications that commonly use sifting equipment:
Mining and Minerals: Sifting equipment is widely used in mining and mineral processing to separate valuable minerals from waste materials. It helps in the classification of different particle sizes and ensures the efficient recovery of valuable resources.
Food Processing: The food industry utilizes sifting equipment to separate and classify food products based on size, shape, and quality. It is used in processes such as flour milling, sugar production, cereal processing, and the screening of fruits, vegetables, and grains.
Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, sifting equipment is used for quality control purposes to ensure the uniformity and consistency of powdered medications. It aids in removing oversized or undersized particles and impurities from the products.
Chemical Processing: Sifting equipment is employed in the chemical industry for various processes such as grading and classifying chemical powders, separating different-sized particles, and removing impurities or foreign materials from chemical compounds.
Recycling and Waste Management: Sifting equipment is utilized in recycling plants and waste management facilities to sort and separate different types of materials, such as plastics, metals, glass, and paper. It helps in the efficient recycling and recovery of valuable resources from waste streams.
Construction and Aggregates: Sifting equipment is commonly used in the construction industry to separate and classify aggregates like sand, gravel, and crushed stones based on size. It ensures the production of consistent and high-quality construction materials.
Agriculture: In the agricultural sector, sifting equipment is used for seed cleaning and grading, separating grains or seeds of different sizes, and removing impurities or foreign materials from agricultural products.
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