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It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of grain, oil and feed machinery and fer-
tilizer machinery and new energy machinery.

Major Function

The following are some of the key functions of grain pre-cleaning equipment:
Removing large debris: This includes removing large stones, sticks, and other large objects that could damage processing equipment or compromise the quality of the final product.
Removing small debris: This includes removing small pieces of broken grain, dust, and other small particles that could lower the quality of the final product or reduce the efficiency of processing equipment.
Separating different types of grain: This function is used to separate different types of grain-based on their size, shape, and density, which can improve the quality of the final product and reduce the risk of contamination.
Removing impurities: This includes removing insects, mold, and other impurities that could damage the grain or reduce its quality.

Application Area

It is mainly applied to match with flour mills, feed mills, grain vertical storage and other industries in the raw material receiving part of the factory, can effectively separate straw, stone, sisal, paper, knotted mass, plastic pieces and other large miscellaneous, so that the material can smoothly pass through other equipment, effectively ensure the normal work of the latter processing equipment and conveying equipment. Commonly used cleaning sieves in feed mills mainly include pellet pre-cleaning screener, pulverous material pre-cleaning screener, double-deck barrel pre-cleaning screener,etc.

Unshaken Pursuit of Perfection

Liyang Yuda Machinery Co.,Ltd is China Grain Pre-Cleaning Equipment Suppliers and Grain Pre-Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers.The company has introduced a complete set of world-class technology CNC laser cutting machines, automatic profile sandblasting equipment, automatic welding machines, large-scale shearing and bending equipment, CNC lathes, etc. Undertake various types and scales of complete turnkey projects for feed, including complete plant planning, design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and personnel training.
Technology and quality are the life of YUDA; the company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and quality", strict quality control, relying on strong scientific research, "integrity, pragmatism, pioneering and innovative". "Intelligent" manufacturing is in a leading position in the domestic and foreign industries.

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Industry knowledge

What is the purpose of grain pre-cleaning equipment?

The purpose of grain pre-cleaning equipment is to remove impurities and foreign materials from harvested grain before further processing or storage. It plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and safety of grain products by removing unwanted materials that may affect the grain's value, storage conditions, and end-use applications.
Here are some specific purposes and benefits of grain pre-cleaning equipment:
Impurity Removal: Pre-cleaning equipment helps remove various impurities from the grain, including stones, sticks, leaves, chaff, dust, straw, and other foreign objects. These impurities can be present in the harvested grain due to field conditions, harvesting methods, and transportation.
Enhancing Grain Quality: By eliminating impurities, pre-cleaning equipment helps maintain the quality of the grain. It removes materials that can affect grain characteristics such as moisture content, weight, density, color, and cleanliness.
Protecting Processing Machinery: Grain pre-cleaning equipment prevents damage to downstream processing machinery, such as milling equipment, by removing larger impurities that could cause blockages or mechanical issues.
Improving Storage Conditions: Removing impurities from grain before storage reduces the chances of contamination, insect infestation, and mold growth. Cleaner grain can be stored for longer periods without compromising quality.
Increasing Efficiency: Pre-cleaning equipment increases the efficiency of grain processing operations by reducing the workload on subsequent cleaning and sorting equipment. By removing larger impurities at an early stage, the subsequent cleaning processes can focus on finer impurities and achieve better results.
Sorting for Grading: Some pre-cleaning equipment also incorporates sorting mechanisms that help separate grains based on size, shape, and density. This allows for grading the grain according to specific quality standards or market requirements.

What types of contaminants or impurities can grain pre-cleaning equipment remove?

Grain pre-cleaning equipment is designed to remove various contaminants and impurities from grains. Here are some common types of contaminants and impurities that can be removed through grain pre-cleaning:
Foreign Matter: This includes materials that are not part of the grain, such as stones, sticks, dirt, and other debris. Pre-cleaning equipment typically employs screens, sieves, or air separators to separate and remove foreign matter based on size, weight, or density.
Dust and Chaff: Grain processing can generate dust and chaff, which are lighter than the grain itself. Pre-cleaning equipment may utilize aspirators or air systems to remove these light particles, ensuring cleaner grain.
Weed Seeds: Weed seeds are unwanted seeds from various plants that may contaminate the grain. Pre-cleaning equipment can employ sieves, screens, or gravity tables to separate and eliminate weed seeds based on their size, shape, or density.
Broken or Damaged Grains: Grain pre-cleaning equipment can help remove broken, damaged, or shriveled grains, which can adversely affect grain quality. These defective grains are often separated using size grading techniques or by using machines like indent cylinders.
Mold, Fungus, and Insect Infestations: Grain can sometimes be contaminated by molds, fungi, or insects, which can affect its quality and safety. While pre-cleaning equipment may not completely eliminate such contaminants, it can help remove visually damaged or infested grains, reducing the risk of further spread during storage or processing.
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