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Aquatic feed production line

According to the physiological characteristics and diet of aquatic animals such as fish and shrimps, aquafeeds need to have good durability. The production of feeds with a high conversion rate without loss of nutrients requires a gentle puffing process.

Effective Production and Implementation of

Each Process

  • Raw Material Receiving

    Adopting an independent large door structure pulse dust removal system to avoid cross contamination of materials and large dust caused by the centralized dust removal air network. The feeding port adopts a large LED screen to display the information from the main control to the feeding instruction, which is intuitive, convenient, and error free.

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  • Cleaning process

    Effectively separate large impurities such as straw, stones, hemp pieces, paper pieces, agglomerates, plastic pieces, etc., so that materials can pass smoothly through other equipment, effectively ensuring the normal operation of subsequent processing equipment and conveying equipment.

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  • Coarse grinding process

    Crushing is the operation of reducing feed particle size and increasing its specific surface area, which can enhance the digestion ability of animals.

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  • First batching and mixing process

    The first ingredient and mixing process in aquatic feed production refers to the combination of bulk dry raw materials and liquid raw materials into a uniformly proportioned mixture with added value.

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  • MICRO-grinding process

    The digestive tract of fish is short, the feed intake is small, and large particles cannot be digested completely. The raw materials need to be finely or ultra finely crushed.

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  • Micro powder causes a decrease in uniformity, and a formula with unique characteristics is added for secondary mixing.

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  • Extruding peocess

    The mold determines the final shape of the extrusion. The speed, temperature, and pressure of the extrusion process are carefully controlled to ensure that the final product meets the required specifications.

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  • Drying process

    Remove moisture from feed ingredients. By removing moisture, feed dryers help maintain the quality, nutritional value, and safety of feed raw materials and finished feed. It also helps to reduce the volume and weight of feed, making it easier to store and transport.

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  • Coating process

    A new type of feed liquid adding equipment that sprays a certain amount of liquid (mainly oil) onto feed particles. Its function is to improve the palatability and nutrition of feed, especially for processing nutritious puffed aquatic feed.

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  • Cooling process

    Cooling is an indispensable process in the extrusion section. Facilitate the transportation, storage, and storage of granular materials.

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  • Screeming process

    Separate the particles and impurities through grading equipment, and finally screen out qualified particles.

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  • Bagging process

    We can provide a series of customized packaging solutions for finished products to prepare for shipment.

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