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It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of grain, oil and feed machinery and fer-
tilizer machinery and new energy machinery.

Major Function

Grinding equipment is used for grinding or pulverizing solid materials into smaller, finer pieces. Grinding equipment can be used in a variety of industries, including mining, construction, chemicals, food processing, and manufacturing.
Some common types of grinding equipment include:
Ball Mills: These mills use grinding balls to crush and grind material into a fine powder.
Hammer Mills: These mills use swinging hammers to crush and grind material.
Vertical Roller Mills: These mills use rollers to crush and grind material, and are often used in the production of cement.
Autogenous Mills: These mills use the material being processed as the grinding media.
Rod Mills: These mills use steel rods as the grinding media, and are used for coarser grinding.
Disc Mills: These mills use a rotating disc to crush and grind material, and are often used for crushing or grinding large pieces of material.
Burr Mills: These mills use rotating burrs to crush and grind material into a fine powder.
The choice of grinding equipment depends on the type of material being processed, the desired size of the finished product, and the desired production rate.

Application Area

Grinding equipment is mainly used for the grinding of materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. It can grind various granular feed materials such as corn, beans, crushed cake meal, wood chips, bamboo chips, bamboo shavings, plant straws and other materials of pasture type. Mainly divided into wide type hammer mill, drop shaped hammer mill, Vertical Pulverizer, pasture hammer mill, wood chip hammer mill and so on. Each type hammer mill has its own suitable working occasion. The finished powder after grinding is fine and suitable for making high quality feed and suitable for animal digestion. The wood chip hammer mill now has a wide range of applications in many industries, effectively reusing the waste wood in these industries through the grinding process, and in the process of grinding and processing these waste wood also does a green, low-carbon conservation and other work concepts.

Unshaken Pursuit of Perfection

Liyang Yuda Machinery Co.,Ltd is China Animal Feed Grinding Machine Suppliers and Wood Hammer Mill Manufacturers.The company has introduced a complete set of world-class technology CNC laser cutting machines, automatic profile sandblasting equipment, automatic welding machines, large-scale shearing and bending equipment, CNC lathes, etc. Undertake various types and scales of complete turnkey projects for feed, including complete plant planning, design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and personnel training.
Technology and quality are the life of YUDA; the company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and quality", strict quality control, relying on strong scientific research, "integrity, pragmatism, pioneering and innovative". "Intelligent" manufacturing is in a leading position in the domestic and foreign industries.

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Industry knowledge

What are the types and variations of Animal Feed Grinding Machines?

Animal Feed Grinding Machines are used in the agricultural and food processing industries to grind feed ingredients into smaller particles. These machines come in various types and variations depending on their specific application and design. Here are some common types and variations of Animal Feed Grinding Machines:
Hammer Mill: Hammer mills are widely used in feed processing. They consist of rotating hammers that impact the feed material to break it into smaller particles. Hammer mills can have different screen sizes to control the particle size of the ground material.
Roller Mill: Roller mills use cylindrical rollers to crush and grind feed ingredients. The rollers may be corrugated or smooth, and they rotate at different speeds to create a shearing and grinding action. Roller mills are often used for fine grinding and particle size reduction.
Vertical Mixer Grinder: This type of feed grinding machine combines a vertical mixer and a hammer mill. It allows for the simultaneous mixing and grinding of feed ingredients. The vertical design helps in efficient mixing and processing of the feed material.
Disc Mill: Disc mills have a series of rotating discs or plates that grind and pulverize the feed material. The discs can have different patterns or serrations to achieve the desired particle size. Disc mills are suitable for grinding both coarse and fine feed ingredients.
Ball Mill: While not specifically designed for feed grinding, ball mills can be used in certain applications. They consist of a rotating cylinder filled with grinding media such as steel balls. The feed material is fed into the cylinder, and the grinding media crush and grind it into smaller particles.
Knife Mill: Knife mills use sharp blades or knives to cut and shred the feed material. The blades rotate at high speeds, and the feed material is forced through a screen to control the particle size. Knife mills are commonly used for fibrous materials or when a high-quality uniform grind is required.
Burr Mill: Burr mills utilize two revolving abrasive surfaces, typically made of steel or stone, to grind the feed material. The feed is crushed between the surfaces, and the resulting particles are of uniform size. Burr mills are often used for grinding small quantities of feed ingredients.

What types of materials can be processed with a Wood Hammer Mill?

Wood Logs: The primary purpose of a Wood Hammer Mill is to break down wood logs into smaller pieces. It can handle various types of wood, including hardwoods (e.g., oak, maple, teak) and softwoods (e.g., pine, spruce, cedar). The logs are typically fed into the mill, and the rotating hammers or blades inside the machine shred the wood into chips or sawdust.
Wood Branches and Twigs: Besides logs, a Wood Hammer Mill can process branches, twigs, and small-sized woody materials. This includes pruning waste from trees, small branches, and other wood residues. The machine effectively reduces these materials into smaller particles suitable for further processing or utilization.
Wood Pallets and Crates: Wood Hammer Mills can also handle wooden pallets and crates. These large, bulky items are broken down into smaller pieces, facilitating recycling or repurposing. The resulting wood chips or sawdust can be used for manufacturing new wood products, such as particleboard, pulp, or biofuel.
Wood Waste and Residues: Various wood waste and residues can be processed with a Wood Hammer Mill. This includes sawmill waste, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, bark, and other byproducts generated from woodworking operations. The mill effectively grinds or shreds these materials, making them easier to handle and utilize.
Biomass Materials: Wood Hammer Mills are also utilized in the processing of biomass materials for energy production. Biomass refers to organic materials derived from plants, such as agricultural residues (e.g., straw, corn stover) and energy crops (e.g., switchgrass, miscanthus). These materials are shredded into smaller particles to increase their surface area, making them suitable for combustion or conversion into biofuels.
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