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  • SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill
  • SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill
  • SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill
  • SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill
  • SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill
  • SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill
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SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill

This series of hammer crusher can crush all kinds of granulated feed ingredients, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, broken cake after class, and other materials.

Steel plate welding structure is used in this series crusher and crusher rotor motor installed on the same base, the dowel pin coupling straight driving, rotor dynamic balance test, and can work backward operation have a safety interlock device to ensure that the operation can't open the door, when the rotor rotating inlet on the top of the grinder, can match with various forms of feeding mechanism, hammer for symmetry. This machine has simple structure, strong and durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, easy to operation and maintenance, small vibration, high productivity.

This series of crusher have two functions, coarse and fine crusher features suitable for fiber, fine material, high water material and fine crushing brittle materials. High output, low energy consumption.


● Deadened the noise of the humanized design: the crushing indoor air make-up, tuyere and door a body with a quieter, reduce noise from 10% to 15%.

● Design the most reasonable hammer: unique design of hammer of using multiple edges, multipoint cut pieces, and given full play to the shearing efficiency.

● The most advanced rotor design: quickly replacing hammer, hammer of positioning precision, save time and effort.

● The most effective cost reduction design: the more small size screen combination, each piece has independent pressure screen mesh, and convenient disassembly.

● Selects the import high quality bearing, low energy consumption, high output, and repair rate up to a minimum. Bring own guide pulley mobile open form, convenient operation and maintenance.

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Liyang Yuda Machinery Co.,Ltd is China SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill Manufacturers and SFSP Series Wide Type Hammer Mill Company . The company has introduced a complete set of world-class technology CNC laser cutting machines, automatic profile sandblasting equipment, automatic welding machines, large-scale shearing and bending equipment, CNC lathes, etc. Undertake various types and scales of complete turnkey projects for feed, including complete plant planning, design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and personnel training.

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