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  • SCY Series Pellet Screener
  • SCY Series Pellet Screener
  • SCY Series Pellet Screener
  • SCY Series Pellet Screener
  • SCY Series Pellet Screener
  • SCY Series Pellet Screener
Grain Pre-Cleaning Equipment

SCY Series Pellet Screener

SCY series pellet screener is a pre-cleaning equipment and is applicable to the raw materials pre-cleaning process in flour mill, rice mill, grain silo plant, food factory. When it is used in rice mill or paddy warehouse, it can treat paddy so as to separate grain straw and various impurities such as grass straw, stone and brick to prevent the large impurities from causing trouble or damage. In addition, it has certain cleaning effect.


● High capacity, low energy consumption, smooth and reliable running, compact structure, small space occupation.

● Horizontal cantilever sifting cylinder is used. The sifting cylinder is divided into feeding section and discharging section. Different mesh combination is adopted separately and corresponding capacity and separating efficiency can be obtained.

● Cleaning is realized through inside sifting and outside brushing. In the sifting process, fibre impurities and grain straw are discharged by guide screw conveyor in the shape of ball. Cleaning can be carried out reliably.

● Contrary feeding is adopted. The discharging section of sifting cylinder is fitted with screw conveyor, which increases the actual sifting length so as to reach sufficient sifting and avoid the containing of clean materials in the impurities.

● Convenient repairing, simple installation and convenient replacement of sifting cylinder.

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